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Written translation

Written translation is the process of transferring the content of a text written in the source language into the target language, where grammatical, lexical and stylistic features are obligatory considered.

Written translation of documents is a meticulous and complex process. It requires not only avoiding mistakes, but also thorough understanding of a certain topic, adherence to exact terminology, and ability to navigate in a variety of measurement units and metric systems. Therefore, written online translation of documents should be trusted to professionals only.

GTS 1+1 Translation Agency offers written translation services guided by experienced specialists. These are exceptionally competent translators, each of whom is a connoisseur of a certain field. A translator, proofreader and editor work on each document. We translate by photo, so you don't need to visit our office personally, since our services are available online.

What are the types of written translation?

We select a specialist for each project, since each type of translation has its own specific features.

  • Technical translation. The translation of technical texts requires accurate conveyance of measurement units, terms, technical abbreviations, indices on drawings, etc.
  • Literary translation. Ukrainian translation of a literary text requires not only accurate transmission of the content, but also genre, character and style. A creative approach is important in this case.
  • Economic translation. High-quality written translation of the economic text in the photo can only be translated by a person with specialized knowledge and work experience.
  • Medical translation. This is the most difficult type of translation, since any mistake can be fatal. The translator must be familiar with medical terminology, and be able to use dictionaries and reference books.
  • Legal translation. The main difficulty is a non-standard design, and the translator should be able to navigate in jurisprudence.

GTS 1+1 Translation Agency has professional translators for each of the foregoing fields of translation. Therefore, written translation of a photo or document performed by our specialists will be accurate and competent.

Written translation stages:

We aimed to optimize the work process to save the customer’s time. You do not need to visit the office; our specialists can translate from a photo. Thus, our cooperation will consist of the following stages:

  1. You need to send us a photo with the text for translation and assign a task.
  2. Our managers will evaluate the written text and tell you the cost of the written translation.
  3. If you confirm the terms of our cooperation, our specialist starts the translation.
  4. Once the translation is done, we’ll send it by e-mail or to a messenger you choose.
  5. You can download translated document in Word or PDF format.

If required, we will scan the document with the Translation Agency seal. This is especially relevant in state institutions, where confirmation of a professional translation is required. In addition, we carry out apostilization and notary certification of translations. To do this, a visit to the office is mandatory due to the specifics of the procedure.

Written translation by photo from GTS 1+1 Translation Agency

We have a team of experienced translators, which consists of more than 270 specialists. This not only guarantees high speed, but also the availability of a highly specialized translator specifically for your personal or business document, contract, certificate or any other text.

For us, there are no translations, we cannot cope with. This is facilitated by an individual approach to each customer, since common approach is not about us. If we started, e.g., a translation from English to Ukrainian by photo, the text will pass a quality check, which consists of 7 stages, before it reaches the customer.

We strictly follow the rules. We translate into more than 60 languages, constantly updating the glossary to guarantee high quality services for our customers. If you want to order the translation by photo, leave a request or call us. We are always ready to advise on any issues, you are interested in.

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