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Interpreting is the process of transferring a speaker's speech into another language. The difficulty of interpretation is that it is characterized by spontaneity, and the translator, in fact, does not have time to think - there should not be long pauses.

That is why simultaneous translation is a task for real professionals. Only they will allow you not to be ashamed in front of international partners or when presenting any product/service. GTS 1+1 Translation Agency offers interpretation services.

We employ only certified specialists, who practice their skills every day, and they will provide voice translation from English to Ukrainian or another language pair at the highest level. You just need to call or leave a request on the website.

Interpretation relevance

There are many situations where an interpretation may be needed. The service is most often ordered for the following reasons:

negotiations with foreign partners;

presentation of the product, company, service to foreign partners;

personal trip or business trip to another country;

a conference, exhibition or another event with the participation of foreigners.

Voice translation guided by professionals allows solving any situations when communicating with foreigners. For international corporations, this is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Types of interpretation

There are 3 types of interpretation, which differ in their specificity:

  1. Simultaneous translation. Translation into Ukrainian or another language in real time, in parallel with the speaker. It is suitable for events with a large number of participants. Translation in front of the camera is possible.
  2. Consecutive translation. Translation during negotiations or interviews. Unlike simultaneous translation, the specialist starts speaking only after the speaker pauses.
  3. Remote translation. It can be consecutive and simultaneous, but it is performed remotely. It is relevant for companies entering or operation on the international market. Remote translation does not require the translator’s personal presence.

At the GTS 1+1, you can order any type of interpretation, depending on your goals and preferences.

Professional interpretation together with GTS 1+1 specialists

If you want to prove yourself positively to business partners, then trust professionals. For 8 years, our Translation Agency has been helping our customers build a successful business, making communication with foreign partners as comfortable as possible.

We employ only certified specialists. Each specialist is experienced in a specific field, therefore we will be able to find the optimal solution individually for you. You can choose any language pair and get a high-quality, professional translation in a short time.

Therefore, if you want to order an audio translation, or need the help of our translator, you just need to call us or leave a request on the website. Our specialists will provide advice on all issues.

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