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Translation of documents is a complex task. The difficulty is that for a high-quality translation, it is necessary not only to have good knowledge of language being translated, but also know legal aspects, medicine or other fields in order to correctly interpret special terms. Only a true professional can handle such a task.

Let’s consider examples of 5 templates of the most popular documents that are ordered for translation and legalization.

Ukrainian-to-English Translation of Passport - Template

Examples of translation of documents into English are in the greatest demand. An English translation of your passport may be necessary if you want to obtain a European diploma, but you do not have a foreign passport. In this case, the representatives of the higher education institution may request a translation of the full name into English. The embassy may also require such a translation of passport.

Although the translation into Ukrainian is clear, when translating the full name into English it is recommended to use the website of the Migration Service of Ukraine. You will have an opportunity to see the spelling meeting applicable rules of transcription and transliteration.

It is not necessary to translate the alphanumeric part of the passport number - they must remain unchanged. The letters of the Ukrainian alphabet shall also be kept. When translating passports, the most difficult for the translator is to translate the place of birth. It is recommended to use the word “oblast”, but it will not be a mistake to use “region” or “area”.

Ukrainian-to-English Translation of Birth Certificate – Template

When translating birth certificates into English, it is important to consider the following rules:

  • Be sure to pay attention to the spelling of each name and surname in the document. The same applies to the foreign passport. Such a mistake can make the document invalid.

In the “oblast” field, you can write this word, but translate it using transliteration. It will not be a mistake, but it is better to use the terms “region” or “area”.

  • When writing the city, you must always write - city of “City name”.

If these rules are followed, then the birth certificate will be translated correctly.

Ukrainian-to-English Translation of Marriage Certificate – Template

Likewise other documents, there are nuances here. Let’s consider an example of translating a marriage certificate into English, and the basic rules thereof:

  • Surname. Just take this information from the foreign passport.
  • Series. The series of the certificate consists of numbers and letters, but they should not be translated - they remain unchanged.
  • Seal. The seal is translated along the outer contour - clockwise. When translating the issuing authority in the press, it should be similar.
  • New surnames. Immediately clarify who took whose last name, so as not to write the same last names by mistake. Perhaps the wife did not want to take the husband’s last name.

• Settlement. The city and region can simply be transliterated and it will not be considered a mistake.

These are important points to pay attention to.

Ukrainian-to-English Translation of Higher Education Plastic Diploma – Template

The diploma and transcription thereto have their own nuances during translation. For example, the surname and name must be exactly the same as in the foreign passport. You should always check the spelling of the name of the higher education institution on the official website.

When you are looking for an accurate translation of specific subjects, look for the translation of these disciplines, but not for similar ones in European universities. It is also forbidden to transfer grades if we are talking about old diplomas. This is done by the Ministry of Education.

Ukrainian-to-English Translation of Complete Secondary Education Certificate – Template

Let's consider a sample translation of the certificate into English, as well as some nuances that need to be minded:

  • as usually, you should clarify correct spelling of the name and surname;
  • school subjects must be translated in the same order as in the example;

You are not allowed to change grades from the 12-point system to another - this is done by the Department of the Ministry of Education;

  • when writing the city and region, use Ukrainian transcription - this will not be considered a mistake;
  • all stamps and seals in the document must be translated - translation is carried out clockwise;
  • some part of the certificate can be filled out by hand - all inscriptions must be translated.

Where the writing is illegible, “Illegible” is indicated.

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