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Our present is full of innovative technologies that help us in all areas of life. One of these is specialized programs, services for translating texts from one language to another. However, such programs cannot subtly sense the nuances of human speech, as well as business, artistic or other speech styles. Professional translation requires true professionals in their field.

GTS 1+1 Translation Agency is a company that translates documents into more than 60 languages. We perform translation in various languages of the world, selecting a professional who perfectly speaks the language you need and is an expert in this field.

Top 10 most popular languages:

1. English. It was and remains the most popular language in the world. It is spoken by 1.132 billion people. It has quite complex grammar, for which reason you should contact our Translation Agency. Our specialists will perform your translation from English quickly and efficiently.

2. Chinese.  It is clear that Chinese will soon become another international language alongside English. Want to keep up with the times? There is no need to learn ten dialect groups of Chinese. Submit all documents required for Chinese translation to our Translation Agency and you will enjoy an impressive result.

3. Hindi. It is one of the most common languages in India and the world. It has many dialects, and therefore, it is rather difficult to translate. In terms of phonetics, its distinguishing feature is the disappearance, as compared to Sanskrit, of a whole series of final consonants and vowels, while in morphology – the loss of synthetic declension.

4. Spanish. It is considered to be one of the easiest languages to learn. Here you will not find such complex articles as in German. At the same time, translating Spanish is not so simple. It, for example, has its own “traps” that may face those who know it only at the basic level: the rules of conjugation of verbs; using inverted question and exclamation marks.

5. German. German is one of the official languages of the European Union. It is spoken not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland, Austria etc. Want to have perfect German translation? Contact us. Everything will be at the level of “Das ist Fantastish”!

6. French. It is widespread in the world. In addition to France, it is officially recognized as a state language by 29 countries. In this regard, some features of the language must be considered when translating into or from French: the dialect of French language is very different from the literary language; in French, architectural figures have a complex pattern etc. Going for a trip to Paris or business negotiations with the French people? Then contact our consultants. They will tell you how best to prepare documents for the embassy or translate materials into French.

7. Italian.  It has more than 50 dialects, but they are nominal. The most important of them is Tuscan, which some linguists consider a separate language. For a high-quality translation, you need professionals who can handle even the rarest dialects of the Italian language. GTS 1+1 Translation Agency will provide you with such a specialist.

8. Japanese. This language is not semantically related to any language in the world, it is very difficult to translate. However, we will provide with a specialist who will perform your translation professionally.

9. Portuguese.  It is the official language of nine countries. It is also one of the most popular languages in Latin America. Planning a vacation? Then start preparing. First, translate into Portuguese the documents necessary for the trip: passport, medical documents, insurance. Such foresight will help avoiding minor bureaucratic problems.

10. Korean. Korean is not the most complicated of all Asian languages, but it’s not as easy as you might think. There are many pitfalls that put both those who study Korean and those who translate it into a dead end. Some words in this language are formed as an erector set. To translate from Korean, you need to know the meaning of each part and be able to connect them logically. Our specialists will be able to help you with this.

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