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Criminal records certificate

Criminal records certificate is an important document that may be needed when preparing various documents abroad. This is a document from the Ministry of Internal Affairs database, which proves that the person is not wanted and has not been convicted in the past. It is checked by matching the name, date and place of birth.

GTS 1+1 specialists will ensure the receipt and high-quality translation of the criminal records certificate, considering all norms and rules. You just need to call or leave a request on our website. You do not have to visit our office; online cooperation is available.

When translation of criminal records certificate is required?

There are many situations, when you may be required to have a criminal records certificate abroad. Let's consider 5 the most common reasons therefor.

  1. Issuance of a visa. Translation is required when obtaining a type D visa or any other visa that involves a long stay in another country.
  2. Change of citizenship or immigration program. In many countries, translated criminal records certificate is a mandatory element of migration policy. The certificate is aimed at preventing the influx of persons with criminal records.
  3. Marriage with a foreigner. In some countries, marriage will not be possible if the immigrant man or woman has a criminal record.
  4. Employment. It is relevant not only if you are going to another country, but even during your stay in Ukraine, and being employed by an international company.
  5. Big deals. Sometimes a criminal records certificate is necessary when concluding large deals with foreigners - it is an additional guarantee that you’ll fulfil your obligations.

And these are only few reasons why people address us to obtain and translate a criminal records certificate.

Apostille and legalization of criminal records certificates

It is important not only to translate the certificate, but also to do everything according to the requirements of Ukrainian and international legislation. We receive, apostille, and notary certify the translation of the criminal records certificate, and therefore translations we provide are always accepted by all Ukrainian and foreign official organizations.

Our well-established procedure facilitates complete preparation of the criminal records certificate, apostille affixed and translated, within the shortest possible period of time. We cooperate with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and notaries, which allows us to carry out notary certification as quickly as possible.

Translation of criminal records certificate from GTS 1+1 Translation Agency specialists

If you contact us, your criminal records certificate will be translated into Polish, English, Spanish or any other language by a certified legal translator. The translation is carried out using a translation template, a database of translations of the names of state institutions and settlements.

After that, the document goes through 7 stages of verification, which excludes errors and inaccuracies. For 8 years of our activity, we managed to earn a positive reputation, which is the most important for us. Despite the high quality and speed of work, we offer affordable prices for obtaining and translating a criminal records certificate. You only need to call or leave a request on our website, and our specialists will do the rest.

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